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Why Your Seatbelt Needs to Be Inspected After a Collision

When you have an accident, your car needs repair, but so does your seatbelt. Why? They need to be inspected after a collision, just like your windshield and other side panels. If you have recently been in a vehicular collision, this article will shed light on why it is of critical importance that you get your seatbelts checked before getting behind the wheel again.

Why Your Seatbelt Needs to Be Inspected After a Collision

A seatbelt is designed to remain strong and durable even under extreme circumstances. It is made of very strong material with a string of webbing that is designed to withstand a high amount of force. When a seatbelt is worn during a vehicular collision, it absorbs a significant amount of force and will become stressed. Even when the seatbelt is worn correctly, there is still some movement that occurs within the seatbelt. After a collision, the seatbelt will have to undergo a thorough inspection before it is considered able to be used again. 


1. Inspect the belt

A seatbelt should be inspected by a professional after a collision. A professional will be able to visually assess the seatbelt to see if any signs of wear or damage are present. Look for any fraying or any signs of damaged fabric. These are all things to watch for when inspecting your seatbelt.

2. Inspect the springs

A seatbelt buckle has springs that propel the buckle outward when the seatbelt is released. These springs also help retract the seatbelt back into the buckle when it is in use. These springs can become compromised during a collision and continue to extend. Inflation of these springs could cause internal damage to the seatbelt.

3. Check the locking mechanism

After a collision, the locking mechanism on the buckle could become damaged. A latch should be able to catch the end of the belt. The latch should lock open and close without any issues. If there is any sign of damage, do not use the seatbelt.

What Can Happen if Your Seatbelt is Not Inspected

If your seatbelt is worn during a collision and is not inspected, you place yourself at a higher risk of injuries. It is important to have your seatbelt inspected after a collision because you could be placing yourself at risk of internal injuries. If the seatbelt is used incorrectly, it could become loose or slide off the tongue of the buckle. The loose seatbelt would not be able to properly support you in the event of an accident, and you could be placed at higher risk of injuries.


It is very important that seatbelts are checked after a collision. Although there may only be a few signs of wear, the overall integrity of the belt needs to be looked at. There are a number of steps that should be taken before using your seatbelt again to ensure that it is safe and functional. By taking the time to inspect your seatbelt properly before using it again, you can prevent any unnecessary injuries.

If you are unsure of where to begin in checking your seatbelts, SRS Restore can be of service! We repair and rebuild seat belts locked after an accident. Contact us today and let us make sure your car is safe to drive again!