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The Only Situations When It’s Acceptable to NOT Wear A Seatbelt

Laws regarding wearing seatbelts are simply for everyone’s safety. In the event of any crash, whether minor or catastrophic, seatbelts can help you survive any type of injury and even death! This is why the best advice for both drivers and passengers is to buckle up before starting the car or hitting the road. 

Moreover, there are actually a few very specific situations when you do not have to wear a seatbelt. Read on to discover the only situations when it’s acceptable to not forego the seatbelt.

Situation #1: When You’re Reversing the Car

As surprising as it may be, drivers reversing are not required to wear seatbelts. However, the driver must fasten his or her seatbelt before shifting gears. Additionally, all passengers must be buckled up before the vehicle rolls its tires in either direction, whether it is moving or parked with the engine running.

To eliminate unwanted distractions such as fumbling with the clasp, drivers and passengers should secure their seat belts as soon as they enter the car.

Situation #2: When the Car is Not Running

This does not apply if you have come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Of course, it is prohibited to drive without a properly adjusted and fastened seatbelt while waiting for the light to turn green.

Drivers and passengers are not simply permitted to remove their seat belts. Before unbuckling their seatbelts, the car must be pulled over and parked. You are not required by law to be buckled up in driveways or parking lots.

Moreover, whether or not a car is moving, our experts strongly encourage you to buckle up to reduce your risk of injury in the case of an unforeseen collision.

Situation #3: When a Doctor Tells You To

You know what they say: Listen to your doctor. Yes, medical practitioners can give a certificate exempting disabled drivers and passengers from wearing seatbelts. This could be for the purpose of diseases and conditions that seatbelts may aggravate.

Certain requirements apply to this exemption, though. Passengers with medical exemptions must produce their doctor’s certificate to the driver, who must then show it to a police officer upon request. 

Minding the Penalties

A seatbelt violation brings a $363 fine, a $60 Victims of Crime Levy, and three demerit points. Any passenger aged 16 or older who is not wearing a seat belt, in addition to the driver, may face penalties. Even if the driver is wearing a seat belt, his or her passengers may suffer as a result. Moreover, a $428 fine, a $60 victim levy, and five penalty points are imposed for failing to use a seatbelt for more than one passenger.


Seatbelts are there for a reason. With the high number of car accidents on a daily basis, our take would be: Don’t risk it. When it comes to safety and protection, don’t take your seatbelts for granted. More than road rules and seatbelt regulations, remember to always have them inspected by professionals. This way, you’ll never have to worry about its effectiveness!

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