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Alarming Reasons Explaining Why Your Airbag Light Is On

An airbag is one of the most important inventions for road and motorist safety. It is a critical life-saving component of a vehicle’s supplemental restraint system (SRS). Airbags demonstrate their true value in the event of an emergency or after a tragic road accident by protecting the driver and passengers from significant head and other bodily injuries.

Introduction to the Airbag Light

The airbag light shows as one of three warning lights in the instrument cluster in most vehicles. It’s displayed as any of the following: a person sitting with a giant ball in front of them, the word “AIR BAG,” or the letters “SRS.”

They all signify the same thing: There’s a problem with the airbag system, which could result in the airbags not deploying when needed.

Below are some of the possible causes for your airbag light to turn on or begin flashing. This information will also assist you in resolving problems, as you must first understand the issue in order to remedy it.

The Clock Spring Needs Replacement

The primary role of the airbag clock spring is to maintain consistency between the driver’s seat airbag and the electrical wiring. It weaves in and out in relation to the steering wheel. 

The thin circuit bands can get worn or brittle. This causes the driver’s seat airbag to transmit a soft-code error to the airbag control module and prompts the airbag light to flash.

You won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong with the clock spring until you utilize a reliable OBD2 scan tool to assist you in locating the issue. Even if you’re positive you have a damaged clock spring, you still need a professional to replace it.

The Airbag’s Battery Backup Has Been Drained

The depletion of your airbag’s battery backup is one of the most prevalent causes of your airbag light turning on. This could be due to the vehicle’s battery’s recent depletion.

This problem usually goes away when the battery is fully charged, but you may need a scan tool to remove the soft-code fault from the airbag control module to fix it.

There’s Sensor Malfunction

In modern vehicles, the supplemental restraint system comprises a number of components, including numerous sensors. All of them are connected to the car’s primary computer.

When one or more of these sensors fails for any reason, the car’s computer recognizes it and signals the airbag warning light.

There’s a Corroded or Wet Airbag Module

The airbag control module is usually found beneath the driver’s seat or the front passenger’s seat. If a vehicle is exposed to high water for even a short period, the airbag control module is exposed to moisture, which could cause corrosion.

When an airbag control module is shorted or corroded, it immediately generates a diagnostic fault code, which causes your vehicle’s airbag light to flash.

Your Vehicle Had a Recent Accident

Many SRS components are one-time-use only if the car was previously involved in an accident. There’s a risk the airbags weren’t mended correctly after they were deployed. A clock spring, accident sensor, seat belt tensioner, or other components could be the culprit.

The car’s ECM must be reprogrammed to reset the airbag system, even if all of the components have been replaced. If the reset hasn’t happened yet, the airbag light will keep flashing until it does.


When your vehicle’s airbag light begins to flash, you must determine the cause so that the airbag does not fail to deploy in the event of an emergency. 

It’s easy to dismiss an airbag light because it doesn’t hinder normal driving, but if you are involved in a crash, you’ll wish you had taken care of it sooner.

If you need help with your car’s airbag, reach out to SRS Restore right away! We repair and rebuild seat belts locked after an accident and reset airbag modules. Check out our services to learn more!