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Airbags 101: Why an Airbag Module Reset Matters for Any Car

Every little thing installed within a car is essential, and some are arguably more so than others because they can draw the line between safety and death in an accident. We are, of course, talking about airbags.

Airbags save many people’s lives by preventing a head-on collision to protect the passengers. However, even a device as seemingly simple as an airbag has different models, and they can be either driver or passenger-oriented. Some airbags are designed to protect the side, and some are designed to protect the driver or the passenger. Beyond that, there are other things to know about airbags which we’ll discuss in this article. Read on below to get started.

How Airbag Modules Work

The airbag module is essentially a small box with two wires coming out of it. These wires are connected to a sensor fitted in the car door. The airbag module activates when the sensor detects a crash and pulls the wires out. When the wires are pulled out, an electrical circuit is completed, and current flows through the airbag leading up to the explosive, inflating it into the airbag.

The airbag is in a soft state of denser material that inflates quickly and becomes stiff. This is to protect the passenger in case of a crash. Airbags are designed in many different ways, and they are made from different materials and have different sizes. The size of the airbag also depends on the size of the vehicle.

Resetting Airbag Module Codes

Not many people know this, but the airbag modules often need to be repaired if not replaced after an accident. This is because the airbag might develop a fault in case of an accident. The airbag module might become stuck, and it might also fail to deploy in case of an accident. Because of that, it is required by law to get the airbag module reset if you have experienced an accident.

Usually, one of the wires in the airbag module gets damaged in the accident, so you have to have it reset. If the airbag is stuck, you have to have it removed, and then it gets reset. Some of the reset procedures are slightly complicated, and they involve you connecting the wiring back together and then cutting the power to the airbag so that it can be reset.

How to Access the Airbag Control Module

In most cars, you will find the airbag control module in the steering wheel column. However, the module might also be in the dashboard or behind the glove box. If you have to replace the module, you will have to open the glove compartment and then remove the glove box. In most cases, the airbag control module is located near the glove box. The airbag control module is a small rectangular box with a small circle on the top corner of the box.

Installing a New Airbag Control Module

Installing a new airbag control module is a relatively straightforward process, but a professional technician must do it. First of all, you have to disconnect the battery. This is to prevent any kind of electrical shock. Then you have to replace the airbag control module and reconnect the battery.

If the airbag control module is still active, you will have to cut the battery’s power. You need to search for a switch that’s hidden behind the glove compartment. You have to disconnect the battery from the car and then cut off the power to the airbag. Then you have to attach a switch to the battery, and after you have done that, you have to go to the airbag control module and switch it on.

When Should You Get a Module Reset?

If you think that your airbag control module is malfunctioning, the first thing you have to do is to get it reset. You can get a module reset at just about any car parts store, but you will have to pay for it.

You should get the module reset if you have experienced a crash and the airbag failed to deploy, or it inflated without expected. But if the airbag is deployed without reason, you should check with your vehicle’s manual to see if you can reset the airbag control module. If you can’t, take it to a professional mechanic.


When it comes to your safety, you can never be too careful. You have to keep your airbag control module in good working condition, and you have to figure out what caused it to stop working. If you’re having some issues with your airbag and don’t know what is wrong, you should take your car to a professional mechanic and have it checked.

SRS Restore provides top-quality services for an airbag module reset. Our team of experienced automotive technicians can ensure that everything in your car is in working order to ensure that you’ll be safe on the road. Contact us today to learn more!