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4 Seatbelt Maintenance Tips for Improved Car Safety

Car safety is always important, as the roads can often be quite a dangerous place to be. And one of the ways to keep yourself and your passengers safe is by making a habit of wearing your seatbelts. Seatbelts save lives. And the statistics support that, as around 65 percent of car accident fatalities did not wear their seatbelt.

So, we all probably know how important the seatbelt is to car safety. However, unlike other parts of the car, we don’t often bother to maintain our seatbelts and have them checked. But in reality, these seatbelt maintenance tips may actually help maintain the effectiveness of your seatbelt in saving lives.

1. Clean Seat Belts Regularly

You often get your car cleaned. Heck, you even regularly vacuum the inside of your car. But what about your seatbelts?

One may think seat belts don’t really need much cleaning. But actually, seat belt cleaning should be a regular part of your car cleaning routine. Just make sure you use the right cleaning products to avoid fraying the straps or corroding the buckles.

2. Check the Tension

We get a lot of our car parts checked out, such as the tires and the engine. But don’t forget to have a mechanic check your seatbelt’s tension. After all, you want to ensure your seatbelts still meet the regulatory safety standards. And if you have adjustable straps, you’d want to check that the tension is enough while still able to adjust to suit the driver or passenger.

3. Check Baby Capsule Restraints

Another thing you should definitely have checked from time to time is the seat belt attachment containing the baby capsules restraints. Having the baby capsules fitted properly is crucial as a poorly fitted system can put your child in danger. However, this is not something you can check on your own. You would need a licensed specialist to inspect it.

4. Replace Damage Seatbelts

A damaged seat belt will definitely be less effective in keeping you safe. So, you have to check if your seatbelts need to be repaired or replaced.

First, take a look at the straps. If you notice fraying or if it doesn’t travel easily through the buckles, you may need to replace your seatbelt. But to be sure, you can ask your mechanic if your seatbelt straps still meet the regulatory safety standards.

Another part of the seatbelt you should look at is the buckle. If you have a faulty buckle, it’s best to replace it as soon as you can. Keeping a faulty seat belt buckle in your car is not ideal as it will not be able to secure you properly to your seat during a car accident. If you see any signs of problems with your seatbelt buckle, it’s best to play it safe and have it replaced.

Final Thoughts

Car safety should never be disregarded. And so, it’s important to maintain your seatbelts so they can do their job right. This means regularly cleaning them, having them checked out by a licensed professional, and replacing damaged parts.

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